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A night in a unique part of every-day-like scrappy Streets of silence. Cats can be heard.
But every hole has room for everything. Including minds of dreams. Erotic pleasures could
arguably seem like a easy tickett out of here. Atleast for some small while.
Top Cat goes hes marsch of happiness, tuning and swinging hes walking-stick. Hes not that
old, it just adds to hes presence. People wouldent think of him of the legend he is if he
didnt. In hes own mind he owns this place. He even thinks its something worth owning.

Hes daily routine stops by hes favorite Bar. Old Bucks favorite place. Its nostalgic.
Not at all in a sad way. Top Cat cant spell the word sad. It would be like Jesus threw
away the Bible. I would just hate to wake him up. Nothing else but hating it.

Second stop before the end on hes favorite Rooftop
(none in particular, heights makes things to you).
Hes old friend Dixie. Shes not rich the way she lives.
Not happy. Just feels she has no other choise but to
sell herself. As nothing but expected, Top Cat loves
everything about her. Sees nothing but her beauty.
Deep inside hes sad. But he cant possibly be sad at the
fact if she wasnt at this bed right now, he didnt have
anyone to talk to after the Beers. He loves to talk.
Its like a life-saving splash of Gassoline for a Car
out of Gas in the middle of the cruel Desert.
Top Cat doesent miss chances. No-one that is on top ever do.

Dixie waits for him. In the most sexiest manner known to Cats. Top Cat just
loves the visuals. He can just sit right by it, feeling it with hes back turned
to her. The Cat on top has hes own ways of pleasure. She´s just fine.

Top Cat, its nice to see you.

Top Cat:
My sweetest Dixie, filled of life.
Sweetest Dixie, passionate for living.
Sweetest Dixie, addressed on life-support.
Thy the most beautiful words goes in
masochistic agony away from pain, saving´
emselves from your beauty.
-Oh how i love you Dixie, you will never know...

So how´s your tour going?

Top Cat:
Jiving in Las Vegas in no-time...

Ohh.. really? Is it big enough?

Top Cat:
No, not by a arguable chance.
-But i promised the boys.

How you gonna get there?

Top Cat:
Heavy contract funded by dreams.
Physically by a Ferrari of Biblical proportions.
It stands outside. If you just stod up,
swing yourself to the Window and look out,
you would had seen it.

What else do you got?

Top Cat:
A singing-voice hungry for talent and a
fresh Bubblegum in my pockett!

Why such a combination?

Top Cat:
Old Buck told me about hes rich friends.
As he referred to "Gods of Broadway",
"In the center of Big Apple"!! .... Wow..!
They feelt rich because for every expensive
reality, they got back on the ground by
buying something every loser down there on
the Street could buy.

Down to earth... thets where they ends...

Top Cat:
According to Old Buck, they believed in
jiving it in reverse.
-It was on the ground these guys started.

All around the world people saying being
in the center of New York, is as the middle
point of the entire World. Its like it never
where a bad start, compared to that.

Top Cat:
They where nothing without Old Buck.
That little extra portion of magic flavor was gone.
Some critic actually once agreed with me.

You know your Music...

Top Cat:
I knew Old Buck!

How was hes Funeral...??

Top Cat:
An end of an fantastic era. Filled with money and
glamour.. as long eyes could ever see.

Top Cat walks away, ready to leave. Hes sad inside. Dixie could never tell. Aside from dramaturgy about common sense. Death cant be pretty.
No matter how perfect one ever was before. Somewhere deep inside Top Cat knows it could be a reason to be even more sad. About something never
comming back, got extra flavor o´salt in a wound by a fact so overwhelming. Top Cat is near to the Door.

Are you okay to drive?

Top Cat:
No, but im okay with being perfectly OK.
- The Ferrari is on repair.

Ooooh.. i see..!

Top Cat:
Some of my employees came and took
it while we were talking.

But how about the Bubblegum? ...
You still have it?
-Close to that, right?

Top Cat pulls it out of hes pockett. Showing it clearly and wide to her. Dixies smile is so wide and wonderful.

Top Cat:
I cant shew it up.. you woulden´t
recoignice me afterwards.
-Mark my words..
--Goodnight my most preassures Dixie.
Dreams where created with you in mind.
 Existence didnt exist, before time had
  no time to be, before you. MY Dixie...

Top Cat closes the Door. Dixie lays down, with her immortal smile. Dreams away. Her breathing is Life-supported by hes words.

  • Listening to: Pop
  • Reading: Comics
  • Watching: Movies
  • Playing: TV - Games
  • Eating: Food and Big Mac
  • Drinking: Coca Cola and Fanta


Skenberg's Profile Picture
Johnny Gustafsson
My biggest interest is Movies and Anime.
I like the idea of Drama-centered content, with combination of action, horror ore science fiction.
Its quite fun to drawn. I have done Amateur-comicbooks since i was 9. Started officially in 1993. Ironicly i was never into Comicbooks before 2008. I thought it was the best medium for telling my stories. Since i realy cant read Books, and have all information in order in my brain. My passion for Japanese Animation started 1997. Thanks to a friend who was obsessed with it at the time. The only good thing about School as i can remember. I will always thank him for presented it for me, in the rest of my life.

Current Residence: Sweden, Lidköping, Västra Götalands län
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Japanese Animation
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: Changing Automaticly
Favourite cartoon character: Leona Osaki
Personal Quote: Salvation is for few.

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